What is the Honda Ridgeline Horsepower for 2021?

horsepower of the 2021 honda ridgeline

Ridgeline Engine Specs

The updated Ridgeline simply possesses everything you’ll need to push your ride to higher levels. Not only is the Ridgeline jam-packed with technology and innovation you will also find it comes standard with the durability and reliability you’ve come to expect from a Honda vehicle. With a V6 under the hood, owners will easily conquer any terrain.

2021 Honda Ridgeline Engine Specs
Trim Levels Engine Size Horsepower Top Speed 0-60 Acceleration
Black Edition 3.5L V6 280 Horsepower 130mph (Estimated) 6.2 Seconds (Estimated)
RTL-E 3.5L V6 280 Horsepower 130mph (Estimated) 6.2 Seconds (Estimated)
RTL 3.5L V6 280 Horsepower 130mph (Estimated) 6.2 Seconds (Estimated)
Sport 3.5L V6 280 Horsepower 130mph (Estimated) 6.2 Seconds (Estimated)

What is the Honda Ridgeline Horsepower?

What is the Horsepower of the Honda Ridgeline?

The Ridgeline has 280 horsepower, which is truly more than enough oomph for your daily drive. Also, with a standard equipped V6 engine, the Honda Ridgeline is capable of tackling any problem while driving.

Honda Ridgeline Top Speed

What is the Top Speed of the Ridgeline?

Get ready, with a maximum speed of 130mph, the 2021 Honda Ridgeline is ready to hit the street. This top speed goes to show just how truly versatile and powerful this truck can be.

What is the Ridgeline 0-60?

Honda Ridgeline 0-60 Time

The new Ridgeline accelerates from 0-60mph in 6.2 seconds. Drivers have to be pleasantly surprised by the amount of engine power they will feel behind the wheel of a pickup this size.

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